Hi guys, Bill here, and thanks for looking at my site. If there is anything I can do to help, please drop me a line.  I'll try and get back to you asap
15 years of working in the console repair trade has taught me a lot. Having over 100 corporate stores including Game, CEX, Cash Converters and many other franchises on our books, I have learned the tricks of the trade.
My website and my guides are far from perfect, and i'm trying to improve the videos and guides all the time.
If you spot any glaring mistakes, or want to add to my knowledge about a particular repair, please let me know!
But please, no abuse, I'm here to help, and deserve to be treated with respect. Thanks! Bill

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That's me teaching in one of my computer classes



"My aim is to help you to repair your console costing you as little money as possible, during these times of fear, uncertainty and ongoing austerity.
Take care, stay safe, and happy repairing!" Bill D