The Daily Repair

As i come across more unusual repairs that haven't been covered in my guides, i'll be adding videos and articles here, showing you my thought processes and methodology during the repair. Please check it out later!

The Daily Repair​ 10/06/20
An XBOX One has come in with a jammed up disc drive.
Lets take a look inside..
Which XBOX One Update Do I Need? OSU1, OSU2 or OSU3?
Microsoft haven't made it easy for us. Its mostly about the OSU1, but not necessarily..
The Daily Repair​ 05/06/20
We take a look at an XBOX One (Original) that is completely dead upon boot up.
Which Tools Do I Need To Repair My Console?
We talk you through the main bits of kit you will need for your repair. From screwdrivers to cleaning spray, make sure you're ready to do the job properly.