PS4 (Original) HDMi Port Replacement

Replacing the PS4 HDMi port on your console is the single most difficult job you are likely to encounter.

The PS4 in the video below is an original console, but the principle is the same for whichever model you have.

The HDMi ports are slightly different though, so if you're searching Ebay or Amazon for a port, make sure you check for PS4 Original, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro.

There is some equipment you will need, and I've provided links below. Hopefully the sellers have them in stock, but if they don't come up when you click through, then manually search for the equipment from other sellers.

Any half decent soldering workstation should do the job, though it will need a heatgun with it. Most will have a soldering iron and a heatgun. I've included exact heat temperature requirements for your repair underneath the video.

VERY IMPORTANTLY - You will need some sort of magnification. You can't realistically solder the 19 tiny pins of the hdmi port without some sort of magnifier. I use a digital microscope camera (See the image underneath). It allows you to perform your fine soldering, whilst looking at the port and pins through the magnifying LCD screen. With my eyesight, I just couldn't do the job without it, and it keeps your hands free to do your soldering. If the camera isn't supplied with a stand (it should be though), then you need to buy a "Retort Stand" to hold it in place.

Other Tools Needed
Complete Tool Kit
Hot Air & Soldering Rework Station
PS4 HDMi Port
Thermal Paste
Solder Braid
Flux Paste
Board Cleaning Fluid 

You will need a soldering / reflow workstation for this repair. You will also need flux paste, board cleaning fluid, and thermal paste for your GPU. You will also need a replacement HDMi port.

You will also need solder braid and solder.


Don't attempt the repair without all of these bits of equipment.

The soldering station is important. I recommend the Prostormer Soldering & Rework Station. It should be available in the UK, the USA and elsewhere. Other similar models are available. It's an expensive bit of kit, don't spend more than £100 / $130. Make sure its a station with soldering iron AND heatgun.


The job could also be done with a hot air gun (paint stripper) and a half-decent soldering iron, but be careful!!

I wouldn't even attempt the job without a proper camera magnifier. I use the one shown at the top of the page.

First diagnostic step - 

If you don't have an output from your PS4 console to the TV, then check the back of the console. Can you see any damaged pins on the port? Very often you will see damage to the port.

If you see one or 2 pins bent my advice is this -

TRY AND STRAIGHTEN THE PINS OUT WITH A FINE PAIR OF TWEEZERS. You will need a magnifying glass, if your eyesight is anything like mine.

Very often, straightening the pins out CAREFULLY, will resolve your problem, without having to open up your console.

However, sometimes you will not be able to see any port damage, without opening the console, stripping the board down and inspecting the pins on the motherboard side of the port.


At this point, please check my PS4 Software Troubleshooting pages first.

It could be a software fault, or a hard drive problem. Also note, that if you have a flashing blue light then you need to check the Flashing Blue Light Repair Page first.

If you have troubleshooted on those pages first, and still don't get a picture on the screen, then you may have a faulty HDMi port.. Continue below.

The PS4 HDMi Replacement fix is a very tricky repair to get right without practice. This is a job for the professionals really, but if you want to give it a go, here's the vid.


What temperature should your soldering iron and heatgun be for a successful PS4 HDMi port repair?

My advice is to set your soldering iron temperature to 450F degrees, and to set your hot air gun to 425F degrees.

Most video's you see will get you to heatgun the old port off, and then heatgun the new one on. Some of the worst videos won't then show you how to solder the port on - they just make out that you can just heatgun the port on, and away you go.

But you shouldn't do this.

Your hdmi port pins will most likely not be making a proper connection to the solder pads on the motherboard.

You will need to solder them individually to stand a chance of making a successful repair.

You will need a fair bit of equipment to do this repair. You will also need good eyesight, or will have to invest in a magnifier or camera. The individual pins are tiny.

If you haven't done much soldering before, my advice is to skip this repair, and leave it to the professionals.

High Street Repair Price - £60 ($75)