PS4 (Original) Power Supply Replacement

PS4 Power Supply Replacement Guide

Difficulty Level - Easy

If your Original PS4 doesn't switch on, or just beeps and switches off, chances are your Power Supply Unit (PSU) is faulty.

This is an internal component, that is easy to replace. The only issue is, you will have to go out and buy one. Amazon or Ebay are good places to start. You won't get a brand new one, they'll all be pre-owned, but a replacement PSU will be the only way to solve this problem. See our video below, and links to PSU's on Amazon. Make sure it's the right model for your console.

Estimated repair time  15 mins

Estimated cost              £35 ($50)

Faulty PSU Symptoms

- PS4 doesn't turn on

- PS4 is dead

- PS4 Switches off

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
PS4 4 Pin PSU
PS4 5 Pin PSU

Power Supply failures with the PS4 are quite common. There is no single one cause with this issue, but when it happens, it means your PS4 will not switch on. Causes can range from an electric power surge or spike, dust inside the console, or internal overheating. 

If you turn the console on, and the machine is completely dead, no signs of life whatsoever, this is most likely due to your power supply unit (also known as PSU).

Sometimes, the console will appear to boot up for a second or two, and then cut out more or less immediately.

If you get either of these symptoms, then its time to try swapping out your PSU for another unit. Unfortunately they are not cheap, and you cannot buy a brand new one - Sony just don't offer replacement PSU's on general sale.

So any PSU you are likely to buy, will be pulled from a used machine. There's nothing wrong with that, but you will have to buy one from Ebay or Amazon. I've provided a link to a PSU you can buy on Amazon below, just make sure you've ordered the correct model.

Basically, for the original PS4, there are 2 different pin types; A 4 pin model, and a  5 pin model .

Open up your machine as outlined in the video below, and check the pins. Also, if you are unsure, the model number will be written on the underside of the PSU.

What if the console still doesn't work?

 After replacement of the PSU, If the console still switches off immediately after turning on, then either the replacement power supply is faulty, or there is a further problem with the motherboard. Most likely the board will be at fault.

PS4 Power Supply Replacement Video


1. Turn the console over, so that you are looking at the back, where the power plug is inserted.

With a security torx T8 screwdriver, remove the 3 screws along the back of the bottom cover. If you have the newer version of the ORIGINAL PS4, then there may only be 1 screw along the back, in the middle.

2. Remove the bottom cover, by pulling down on both edges / ends.

3. Turn the console back over, so that you are now looking at the inside of the console.

Locate the Power Supply (PSU) at the bottom, and remove 3 screws with a security torx T8 screwdriver, and then 2 screws with a cross head driver.

4. Pull the PSU up from the right hand edge, and work your way along it, pulling up, until the PSU is half way out.

5. Be aware that the PSU is plugged into the motherboard underneath, on the very LEFT HAND end of the PSU. Locate the plug and cable, and remove the plug from the motherboard, by pulling it up and out. You can be fairly robust here.

6. At this point you will need to have a Replacement PSU. Check how many pins the plug has. Is it 4 pins or 5? You can then check the model number on the back of the PSU, and search on Ebay or Amazon for this specific model.

7. Now that the PSU has been removed, you can take your Replacement PSU and put this into position in your console.

8. Plug the connector into the receiving connector on the motherboard, then push the PSU into the console, so that it fits securely.

9. Put the 3 torx screws back into the PSU, and the 2 cross head screws back in.

10. Put the bottom cover of the console back on, and put the torx T8 screws back in.

11. Test the console.

Equivalent High Street Repair Price:  £75 / $95