PS4 Slim Overheating Problems

If your PS4 Slim console starts getting noisy after a few minutes of gameplay, your machine is overheating.

The console will need a clean out, including the fan and heatsink. We'll show you how in our video below, and it won't cost you a penny, apart from some basic tools.

Estimated repair time  30 mins

Estimated cost              £0 ($0)

Overheating Symptoms

- PS4 Slim getting hot

- PS4 Slim noisy fan

- PS4 Slim freezing graphics

- PS4 Slim switches off during game play

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
WD40 Cleaning Fluid

The PS4 Slim does't suffer from the same overheating problems as the original PS4. We see so many original PS4's come in with overheating problems, as that chassis design allows the console to eat up dust.

What happens, is the fan inside the machine creates an airflow away from motherboard to keep the console cool, but at the same time, it allows dust to be sucked in from outside the machine.

As you can imagine, over a period of months and years the inside of the console, most notably the heatsink (which sits on top of the Graphics Chip), gets absolutely caked in filth.

This causes the console to get extremely hot, and as a result, the fan increases in speed to combat the increase in heat. Eventually, you will notice the sound of the fan get so loud, that it starts to sound like it's about to take off.

This will cause damage to the machine, and if left unchecked, the console will eventually shut down and you could be left with an expensive door-stop..

Fortunately, the PS4 Slim doesn't suffer as badly as the original, and it's quite easy to get into the top of the machine, to give the heatsink a proper clean out.

If your PS4 Slim starts to sound like a hairdryer, then its time to clean it out.

Check out the video below, and you should get your console back up and running as normal within minutes.