PS4 Slim Power Supply Replacement

The PS4 Slim has an internal Power Supply Unit (PSU).


Sometimes this unit just fails, whether due to wear and tear, or an electricity surge or power cut. If this happens, your console will be pretty much dead, and the only way to resolve this is to replace the complete PSU.

It is easy (ish) to replace, and we provide you with a video below, plus other info, and links to the Power Supplys on Amazon which you can buy.

Estimated repair time  45 mins

Estimated cost              £35 ($50)

Faulty PSU Symptoms

- PS4 Slim doesn't turn on

- PS4 Slim is dead

- PS4 Slim Switches off

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
Cleaning Fluid
PS4 Slim Power Supply

There are a couple of symptoms to consider when troubleshooting your PS4 Slim Power Supply.

Problems with the Power Supply Unit (PSU) are surprisingly common unfortunately, and once the PSU has blown, it ALWAYS needs replacing.

PSU's are dangerous, so don't even consider trying to repair the PSU itself. If it is faulty, always replace with another complete unit.

Power Supply's must always be handled with care, and if you are following my video, you are doing so at your own risk.


Do not be tempted to touch any of the exposed electronics that you can see inside the PSU. It can give you a nasty shock!

So if your PS4 Slim has any of the following symptoms, it may well be your Power Supply that needs replacing -

1. The PS4 Slim is completely dead, or doesn't turn on

2. The PS4 Slim turns itself off after a few seconds.

Unfortunately though, you will need a PS4 Slim Replacement Power Supply Unit to be able to test the console successfully. You can find a link to Amazon in this article, and at the top of the page.

PLEASE NOTE - There are 2 different types of power supply. 

Make sure you check your PSU first! Check the number on the back of the Power Supply Unit.

The job is fairly easy, and should take you about 15-20 minutes.

How To Replace Your PS4 Slim Power Supply Video