How To Get Your Stuck Disc Out Of Your PS5

If your PS5 game disc has got stuck in your PS5 console, you've probably got a mechanical issue with the drive.

Many things can cause this - very often it's pesky kids inserting bits of toast, or your credit cards into the disc drive slot, causing your game to get jammed inside against the mechanics.

Other times it can be that the disc has somehow upset the delicate balance of the mechanism, causing it to get stuck, or it could be dust, gunk, or just plain old bad luck.

It will involve opening the console up to get it out, and check that all is well inside your disc drive. Check out the video below showing you how to get your disc out.

How to Remove Your PS5 Disc If It Gets Jammed Video

You will need a security torx T8 screwdriver, a flat head driver and a crosshead driver (Links below if you need the tools)

1. Start with the disc drive in the bottom right hand corner, closest to you.

2. Pull up the PS5 shell from the top left hand corner, using force, but be careful. At the same time as pulling up, push the cover over to your right, and it will snap away from the console.

3. Remove the black plastic grille that surrounds the edge of the fan unit, using a flat head screwdriver. Don't be scared, it will pull right out.

4. Now go around the edge of the console, and remove every screw around the edge, using your Torx T8 driver.

5. Unscrew the black screw holding down the grey drive storage plate cover.

6. Lift the grey cover off, using your flat driver.

7. Remove all the Torx T8 screws from around your PS5 fan unit. Keep these screws separate from the others.

8. Lift the fan part way out, and then remove the black sticky - backed bit of plastic that covers up the fan wires.

9. You can now pull the fan plug out of the motherboard.

10. Remove the fan unit.

11. Remove the second plug out of its socket.

12. Remove the third plug from its socket, and then remove the black plastic chassis altogether from the console.

13. Now you are inside the console, and you can see the grey disc drive on the right.

14. Carefully remove the ribbon cable, by pressing down on the cable socket, and removing gently.

15. Pull out the disc drive, and set aside the rest of the console - you're finished with that until reassembly.

16. Remove the 4 screws on the top of the disc drive.

17. Now remove every single screw from around the edge of the drive chassis cover - its a pain, but its gotta be done..

18. You can now remove the drive cover, and you're inside now.

19. Pull out the board ribbon cable, and little plug from its socket.

20. This will allow you to remove the grey plate from the drive, but be careful - it is still attached with cables to the laser inside.

21. For mechanical drive issues, such as your PS5 disc stuck inside, or other mech problems, you don't need to remove the laser cable. But be careful not to damage it.

22. You can now remove the 4 screws which hold down the disc drive mech cover.

23. This can be removed, and if your game disc is stuck inside, you can now remove it.

But at this point, take note as to why it may have got stuck. Are there any mechanics out of place? Any coins or bits of plastic or other debris inside the drive? If so, maybe vacuum it out, or give it a gentle clean with a cloth.

Also, check that everything slides backwards and forwards ok, including the drive cover that you've just removed. Look out for any potential problems.

If your disc isn't inside, and your games are accepted into the drive with no problems but your drive isn't playing your games, it could be that your laser is faulty.

At this point, give the laser a gentle clean.

Spray some WD40 on to a clean piece of paper towel, and gently clean the laser lens with it.

Hopefully that will resolve your issue, but if not, you will need to see my PS5 laser replacement video

Now you've got to put it all back together again, so follow the above in reverse!

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