How To Fit Your PS5 Stand

Yeah I know, fitting the stand isn't rocket science, and your console comes with an instructions leaflet, but hey, some people are visual learners, so here's a video showing you how to fit your PS5 stand.


It will take you all of 1 minute to do after watching the explainer below.

How To Fit Your PS5 Stand Video

You will need a flat head screwdriver for this simple job.

1. Remove the stand from the bag, and swivel the PS5 base around to expose the screw underneath as shown.


2. Remove the screw.

3. Now, take your PS5 and locate the little black circular cover on the base of your console. Remove the cover to expose the screw thread underneath.

4. The little black screw cover can be stashed away in its little hide-away on the base (see video)

5. Now you can clip the plastic stand to the bottom of your PS5 console. Attach firmly.

6. Whilst holding the stand in place, you can down take the screw, and screw it in to the bottom of the stand with your driver.

You're Done!