How To Open Up Your PS5 Console Without Breaking It

The PS5 console (disc version) is a big beast, right?

When it comes to opening up your PS5 for the first time, to perform any repair, you want to proceed with a bit of caution.

The console shell is robust, and takes a fair bit of brut force to get it open. But because it is so robust, it means that it can easily be broken if you're not careful.

If you rip it off too forcefully, then you may break the pegs underneath the shell cover. This isn't life threatening, but it will make it harder for you to put your shell cover back on, and it will slip off from time to time, unless you super glue the broken pegs back on afterwards.

Anyway, avoid this scenario by watching this video before performing any kind of repair for the first time!

How To Open Up Your PS5 Console Without Breaking It Video

To get the top shell off your PS5, start with the the logo facing up, in the bottom left hand corner closest to you.

You need to use a fair bit of force, so take it easy to start with.

Start by pulling up the corner, and get a feel for how much force the cover can take. It is fairly robust, so start to give it a bit more force, but being mindful that you don't want to break it.

As you are pulling it up from the corner, start pushing it over to the right, so the cover, when loosened, will slip off to the right hand side.

Eventually, with a bit of cajoling, it will snap off and away you go.

Most repairs you will do with your PS5 will involve opening up the OTHER side, which is the bottom shell (such as disc drive repairs, drive storage, fan assembly etc) - so turn it upside down.

Have the disc drive in the bottom right hand corner, towards you.

Start pulling up from the top left corner. As you did with the top shell, be careful, and incrementally start to increase your force, and push to the right aswell as pulling up.