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Console Repair Tools

Console Repair Tools Needed For Your Repairs

Article By Bill D

If this is the first time you've ever attempted to repair a console, then this is the place to start. You are going to need some basic tools. You don't need to buy many, but you do need some, and I'm going to recommend which tools you should buy.

You wont need to spend a lot of money either, but you don't want to be buying real cheap gear unless your repair is a one - off.

Some repairs may not need any tools, or very little, but you will need screwdrivers for almost all jobs.


PS4 hard drive problems, for example, very often can be repaired with 1 small Phillips screwdriver, and that's it.  Then again, more complicated repairs may involve using a heat gun, a soldering iron and / or  other more expensive gear.

If you aim to learn to repair your console, I'll make the recommendations you need, and at the bottom of this page, I'll also highlight some other kit you will need to get your console repair bench up to scratch.

At home, my range of tools is simpler than used in the professional repair environment. But that doesn't mean the repairs are any more difficult.

In the workshop, we use anti static mats, and have anti static wrist bands earthed against potential electrical discharge. It's not dangerous, but it can damage the motherboard, though this is extremely rare in my experience.

You'll be fine working at home without this kind of precaution, 99.9% of the time..

Keeping a clean work environment is probably my biggest recommendation, along with a decent set of drivers, and a well lit bench.


The humble screwdriver is your best friend when it comes to repairing. Get these right, and you're gonna be fine.

You need a range of screwdrivers, a couple of flat head screwdrivers, a couple of Phillips screwdrivers, and very importantly, you will need 2 security torx screwdrivers.

These are my rather old tools at home, amongst others. Let's start off with the standard drivers:

A Range Of Flat Head & Phillips Screwdrivers

Here's some of my tools that I use day in day out. There are a couple of flatheaded screwdrivers on the left, and a Phillips screwdriver, and on the right, I've got a mini flat headed screwdriver, more like the kind of driver you would need to be repairing phones. They are all magnetic, which saves a lot of time, its easy to lose some of the little bastard screws sometimes.

In short, you need A RANGE of screwdrivers. At least 2 flat, at least 2 Phillips.

You will also need a Security Torx T8 & Security Torx T10. They have to be SECURITY TORX - NOT the normal Torx drivers. The security torx drivers have a hole in the bottom, and you will specifically need these drivers. 

My rather basic Security Torx Screwdrivers T8 & T10
Complete Console Repair Screwdriver Kit

But nevermind my old tools which I've become rather fond of at home.


The complete screwdriver kit below has got everything you need. Its got the 2 security Torx T8 & T10 bits, a range of flathead and crosshead drivers that you will need for PS4 and XBOX One repairs, a tri wing for Nintendo consoles, plus they're magnetic, which will help A LOT. It also has some tweezers and other bits and pieces.


If you are repairing your console as a one off or learning the trade, this kit is available on Amazon, and will get you through almost all repair jobs. I've put a link at the bottom of the page for you.

Motherboard Cleaning Spray

There are some other bits and pieces you will need too.

Cleaning your console motherboard, laser and mechanics is essential. I really recommend the Coldklene Spray for all your cleaning jobs. It will clean your chips, your motherboard, and mechanical parts and also your laser lens.

If you live outside the UK, then WD40 cleaning spray will also do a great job, and is safe to use.

We have used it for years in our workshop, and it's not expensive to buy. I've provided a link to it below for you.

You will also need a cleaning brush. I guarantee that your motherboard will be covered in a layer of crap. This layer of dust and debris will help to insulate the heat in your console, causing problems, so make sure you give it a good clean down with a brush (see below) while you've got your console open.

GPU Thermal Paste

The other essential item you need is Thermal Paste. Whenever you strip down your console, you will need to repaste the GPU chip.

You can get away without this step, but it is not recommended. The paste acts as a barrier between the motherboard's Graphics Chip Unit (GPU) and the heatsink, and the paste allows for heat to transfer away from the chip, through the heatsink and ultimately out of the console. These GPU's get extremely hot in games consoles, so every time you strip the console down, you should repaste it with new thermal compound, to help prevent further overheating issues down the line.

Another essential bit of kit to any repair arsenal, is the soldering iron. A basic soldering iron will do, however, if you want to start replacing Hdmi ports, then you will need a more sophisticated soldering / rework station.

I've put a basic soldering iron kit below, and will include a rework station on the relevant repair page.

You may well need other repair parts, such as a laser, a hard drive, and other bits, but these tools I have outlined above are the main bits of kit you will need.

Any other equipment I will tell you about on the relevant repair page.

Essential Repair Kit Needed
Complete Tool Kit
Thermal Paste
Cleaning Spray
Soldering Station
Console Brush