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PS4 Different Model Types - How To Identify Your Model

There are a few different models of PS4, and it is important to know which one you've got if you are going to attempt any kind of repairs.

It's possible to identify your PS4 just by looking at the console, but if you  unsure, then the model number will be printed on the back of the console, alongside the serial number.

To help you identify your PS4 model, I've put some images for you below.

You can also click onto the image of your model, and it will take you through to the repair pages for that particular PS4.

And if all else fails in your identification, you can check your model on Wikipedia's website here -

PS4 Models

The Original PS4

The original PS4 model has the hard drive cover on the top left, indicated by the the line going from the back of the console to the front, a third of the way in from the left hand edge. On / off button is on the front top of the console.

The original (original) PS4 has a shiny hard drive cover. Later original models are matte. 

Model numbers are CUH-1****

 PS4 Slim Console

The PS4 Slim console is smaller and more compact. No hard drive cover on the top, it is instead positioned on the left hand back edge.

Start button is underneath the top section, on the left hand front edge,under the Sony logo.

Model numbers are CUH-2****

 PS4 Pro Console

The PS4 Pro is the most recent & largest of the consoles. It has a "triple" layer at the front.

Model numbers are CUH-7****

XBOX One - Different Model Types - How To Identify Your Model

The Original XBOX One Console

The Original XBOX One console, is the fat one with the sync button on the left hand side. It is also the only XBOX One with an external power supply.

It also has the touch button on / off switch that MS eliminated in later models.

XBOX One S Console

The XBOX One S is the smallest of the range, and is white.

Not much else to add here, it's easy to identify!

XBOX One X (or Scorpio) Console

The XBOX One X is black, and is similar at first glance to the XBOX One S.

They slightly changed the design, and its a pain in the A*$ to get the cover on and off..

You can also check your model on Wikipedia's website, link below -