How To Partition Your XBOX One Hard Drive


How To Replace Your XBOX One Hard Drive - Partitioning Instructions

Difficulty Level - Medium

If you have followed all of our XBOX One troubleshooting steps, and have established that your hard drive is faulty, you may need to replace your drive.

Also, if you are upgrading to a brand new hard drive, maybe going from 500GB to 1TB or 2TB, then you will need to follow the  instructions below.

You can't just plug in a new hard drive and expect it to work. Nor can you just apply the OSU1 file that we have discussed on the XBOX One Software Problems page, and expect your drive to work.

You will need to correctly Partition the drive with the correct Scripts, so that the XBOX One console will recognise your drive.

It's not difficult, but you will need to pay close attention to the instructions below.

If you need a brand new hard drive, you can find them on Amazon, I've added links below to them:

XBOX One 500GB Hard Drive 
XBOX One 1TB Hard Drive
XBOX One 2TB Hard Drive 

Once you have bought your drive, you will need a few extra things.

You will need a USB stick, preferably 8Gb or bigger.

And very importantly, you will need an External Hard Drive Reader / Enclosure, with its own source of power.

I've chosen one for you below, which should be available in the USA and the UK. It comes with its own power plug, so you will be able to just plug it in and away you go.


If it isn't available, then search Amazon for "External Hard Drive Enclosure" and you should be able to find a different model.

External Hard Drive Enclosure

You will also need to download some software that we will run from the Command Prompt.

If you have never don't this before, don't worry - we'll talk you through it. It's easy.

You will also need to open up your console, so see our other XBOX One videos to learn how to do this, whether you have the Original XBOX One, the XBOX One S, or the XBOX One X.

If you have an XBOX One S or XBOX One X, then follow the first video instructions below.

If you have an Original XBOX One, then jump down to the second video. There are some subtle differences in the method.

But first, you will need to download 3 Files:

1. The XBOX One Script for Command Prompt. This will partition your hard drive.

2. The Boot Animation file. This will put the "Green Start Up Screen" on to your hard drive.

3. The OSU1 File. This contains the necessary files to update the console.

You Will Need To Download The Following Files:

Go to -

(You only need to download the files marked  Win (for Windows) or Linux "xboxonehdd-master.." and the file named "Bootanim")

THEN, you also need to download the following OSU1 file from Microsoft's website -

(Scroll down to OSU1 File, and download it)

Now watch the video.

Remember, if you have an XBOX One S or X, watch the first video. We are using a Solid State Hard Drive, but the principle is EXACTLY the same.

If you have an XBOX One Original, watch the second video.

XBOX One S and XBOX One X Hard Drive Partitioning Instructions

If you have an XBOX One Original console, then follow these instructions below to Partition your drive.

The process is very similar to above, but there are a couple of subtle differences.

Original XBOX One Hard Drive Partitioning Instructions