XBOX One S Overheating Repair


How to Repair your XBOX One S if it is Overheating

Difficulty Level - Tricky

If your XBOX One S is shutting down after getting hot, you are going to have to get inside and give it a proper clean down.

There's no way around this unfortunately, but I'll talk you through how to do it. You will need some tools and some thermal paste, links below.

Overheating Symptoms

- XBOX One S is noisy / loud fan

- XBOX One S switches off after seconds

- XBOX One S Overheating error message 

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
Console Cleaning Brush
Console Cleaning Fluid 
Thermal Paste

You would think that with all the issues the XBOX 360 had with overheating that Microsoft would have had time to get to grips with console cooling.

The XBOX One is an undoubted improvement in this area. However, even with the S generation of XBOX, we still see these faults.

Part of the problem is the insulation of components with layers of dust and debris. This is hard to avoid. Over time, the console is going to suck up a load of external debris as it attempts to keep air flowing through the machine.

The good news is that the XBOX One (Original & S models) are easier to fix than the XBOX 360.


No need for time consuming reballing or reflowing, for the most part. A clean down and paste is normally enough to do the job.

Here i'm going to show you how to do it in real-time, so you can follow along. 

Sorry for a couple of the (minor) errors in the vid, you'll get the gist though..

So, if your XBOX One S switches off after a few minutes, up to a couple of hours even, like during game play when the GPU is working hard, your console is probably overheating.

Here's what to do:

XBOX One S Overheating Fix Video


You will need a Security Torx T8, T10, and a flat head screwdriver to get the console open. A Complete Console Repair Screwdriver kit can be bought above, from Amazon. You will also need some thermal paste, and Coldklene spray / WD40.

1. Take a large flat head screwdriver, and locate the black bottom shell cover. You need to go around the edge of the console with the driver, putting the driver in between the white shell and the black cover, and robustly wedge between the two, until it unclips. It takes quite a bit of force to do this.

2. You will need to remove the Microsoft seal on the back edge, which will void your warranty with Microsoft. Once the seal has been removed, pay particular attention to removing the black cover here - you may need a small flat head screwdriver to wedge it off - TAKE CARE here.

3. Put the black cover aside.

4. Remove all 6 of the green screws, using a security Torx T10 screwdriver.

5. At the back edge of the console, pull the chassis out from the shell, by pulling the edges of the top shell away from the chassis. This will free up the chassis, and it will easily come away from the shell. Discard the white shell.

6. Keep the silver fan cover on (for a moment while you remove the screws from the back)

7. Turn the console over, and remove the small torx T10 screws around the PSU and Hard Drive (see video)

8. Now remove the silver fan cover.

9. Pull out the hard drive. It will still be attached to the motherboard by 2 cables.

10. Locate the 2 cables, and pull them out of the motherboard.

11. Put the hard drive aside for now.

12. You are now ready to pull the PSU out. Pull the PSU up from its seating, and fold it out, so that it sits outside your console, but is still attached by the cable.

13. Get a large flat head screwdriver, and locate the plug on the motherboard. You will see a little clip at the side of the connector.

14. Take the flat driver, and push in the little clip, to release the cable from its plug. You need to be pretty firm with it.

15. Pull the PSU out, and put aside.

16. Pull the 2 Blu Ray drive cables out of the board. Remove the drive. 

17. Remove the RF board from the front of the console chassis.

18. Remove the Wifi board.

19. take the little metal clip holding the board down, off the chassis.

20. Turn the console over, and remove the remaining 4 Torx T8 black screws.

21. The motherboard can now be removed from the metal housing. Turn over, and gently pull the motherboard out.

22. We now need to remove the X Clamp from the back of the XBOX One S Motherboard.

23. Take a small flat headed screwdriver, and wedge it into the top of each 4 corners of the X Clamp, and work it off. It takes a bit of practice, so take your time. Eventually, it will snap out. Remove the clamp.

24. You can now remove the heatsink and fan unit from the board, and don't forget to pull the fan plug out of the board.