Opening  Your XBOX One S Console
XBOX One S Basic Stripdown & Reassembly

I've made this simple video showing you how to strip down your XBOX One S, and more importantly perhaps, how to get it back together again.

It's fairly simple to get into the console, but reassembly can be a problem, for one particular reason: you need to take particular care when you put the console chassis back into the white shell.

At this point, it is very easy to damage the on / off switch, which is a surface mounted button on your RF board. If this gets knocked off, by clumsily trying to put the console back together without due care, you will be left with a console that won't switch on.

Here's a picture of the XBOX One S RF board and the button I'm talking about:


Look to the top right hand corner, where I've put a red circle. That's the surface mounted on / off switch for your console. 

Take a look at the video below, in particular, from 3 mins 47 secs. This shows you the point when you may do this.

When you come to put the chassis into the shell, watch the video and take note. You need to take things slowly, and don't force the chassis back into the shell. Slow down, and do it VERY GENTLY, and I recommend pressing the external on / off button on your shell regularly when you do this, so that you can hear the click of the RF board button in place. If it isn't in place properly, or has been knocked off the board, you WON'T HEAR THE CLICK. Go back and check the switch is still on the board, and try again to put it back inside the shell. 

If it does happen to you and you knock it off, (and it's happened to me on several occasions in the early days of servicing the XBOX One S), then don't panic. The XBOX One S RF board can be replaced, and if you look in my shop, I should have them in stock.  

Check for stock in my shop here.

This potential stumbling block aside, you shouldn't have any other issues. I've provided other repair videos in the XBOX One S Repair Page for you.

XBOX One S Stripdown & Reassembly


You will need a Security Torx T8, T10, and a flat head screwdriver to get the console open. Complete Console Repair Screwdriver kit can be bought below, from Amazon.

1. Take a large flat head screwdriver, and locate the black bottom shell cover. You need to go around the edge of the console with the driver, putting the driver in between the white shell and the black cover, and robustly wedge between the two, until it unclips. It takes quite a bit of force to do this.

2. You will need to remove the Microsoft seal on the back edge, which will void your warranty with Microsoft. Once the seal has been removed, pay particular attention to removing the black cover here - you may need a small flat head screwdriver to wedge it off - TAKE CARE here.

3. Put the black cover aside.

4. Remove all of the green screws, using a security Torx T10 screwdriver. There are 5 in the video, but should be 6!

5. At the back edge of the console, pull the chassis out from the shell, by pulling the edges of the top shell away from the chassis. This will free up the chassis, and it will easily come away from the shell. Discard the white shell.

6. Remove the silver fan cover, by pulling it upwards and off. Set aside.

You are now inside the console, and for any further repairs, please see my other guides. If nothing else, at this point take a vacuum and give it a good clean out before putting back together again.


1. To put back together again, put the fan cover back into place.

2. Turn the console over, and get your console shell cover ready.

3. Hold the console in one hand, and the shell in the other. NOW, THIS IS THE POINT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL...

4. Gently position the console chassis into the shell, locating where the blu-ray disc drive slot is on the chassis, and where the corresponding slot is on the shell. 

Position it into place nice and gently. Take care of the RF board, keeping an eye on it as it slots into place.

5. When the chassis is back in situ, press the on / off button to see whether you hear the click of the button. If you don't it probably isn't properly in place, or has been knocked off the board, as discussed above.

6. When ready, locate the back of the console. Slot the chassis back edges into the white shell.

If correct, it should slot in nice and cleanly.

7. Put all the green screws back into place.

8. Check all buttons work - the on / off button should click when pressed, and so should the eject button.

9. Now put the black bottom cover into place. This needs to be clicked into place very robustly. Don't be shy here - give it a really good shove to get it back on. 

10. Now check all the buttons again, including the sync button.


Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Fluid
XBOX One Drive