XBOX One (Original) Sync Button Bezel Replacement

XBOX One Sync Button Bezel Replacement

I've seen a lot of Xbox One's in for repair over the last few years, and have lost count of the times I've pulled the side panel off to find that someone has pinched the sync button bezel. Its a daily occurrence. 

Why this is the case I've got no idea, but consequently, this has created a need for replacement sync buttons. They are as rare as rocking horse sh$t unfortunately, so i'm guessing that's why people take them off, but what's happened to the original bezel?

That's a mystery I'm unable to solve, however, it still poses a problem if you haven't got your sync button in-situ.

Basically, it's just a piece of weird shaped plastic that serves no other purpose in the universe than to activate the little surface mounted button underneath the end of the xbox one faceplate.

We just can't test consoles very easily without being able to sync up the controller, and without the bezel it's difficult to do. Consequently, it means Joe Punter can't sync up his controller to his / her console after purchase.

Anyway, we've got a source of replacement sync buttons sorted now, and if you need one, you can find a link to our shop below, where you can buy one. We also sell them on Ebay, link below the video.

We've got originals in stock, and also 3rd party bezels, which do exactly the same job. (same price though unfortunately)


I've also made a quick vid (below) for you just in case you've got no idea what i'm talking about.

How to Replace your XBOX One Sync Button

You can buy your XBOX One Replacement Sync Button on our Ebay page here -

Or buy it from our store below & save a couple of pennies.

XBOX One Replacement Sync Button Bezel

XBOX One Sync Button