XBOX One X Fan Replacement

If you suspect that your XBOX One X is overheating, then I suggest you strip down the console and clean the fan and heatsink first.

See this video here - XBOX One X Overheating Fix.

If the actual fan is faulty, then you will normally hear a rattling fan, or no fan noise at all. The console will probably shut down within seconds if the fan is faulty and has stopped spinning.

If the console is sounding LOUD, then the fan is MOST likely working ok. The noise is probably the fan working extra hard to combat the heat generated from the GPU, due to a build up of dust and debris.

See our XBOX One X Overheating Video first, clean the heatsink and fan, and then come back afterwards if you suspect the fan need replacing.

You will of course need a new XBOX One X Fan Unit. At the time of writing, there aren't any available on Amazon, but I'll put a link below, and hopefully if any become available, you will be redirected to the correct fan. Make sure its for the XBOX One X.

Complete Tool Kit
Console Cleaning Brush
XBOX One X Fan Unit
XBOX One X Fan Replacement Video