How To Replace Your XBOX Series S Wifi Module

Every now and again consoles develop internet drop outs and WIFI problems.

The XBOX Series S is no exception, and as your gameplay relies on a steady internet connection, you need it to work.

If your internet connection has dropped out, you need to consider doing the following - 

1. Check your router. Are your other devices connecting ok?

Reset your router by switch it on and off. Simple, but this can resolve a lot of issues.

2. Check your console Wifi settings. Does it see your SSID?

Can you see your router listed on your XBOX? If not, then you almost certainly have a WIFI board fault.

3. Double check your router WIFI password.

4. Reset your console.

Sometimes a complete Reset can resolve issues - but bear in mind you will lose all your game saves etc.

If you still can't access the internet on your Xbox after trying these steps, and your other devices are working ok with your WIFI, then you most likely have a faulty WIFI module inside your XBOX console.

Fortunately, it is easy to get at. Once you get inside the console, before you go and buy a replacement WIFI module, take the board out of the plug, and put it back in again. In my experience, this can occasionally reset the board, and away you go.

If this doesn't work, then you will need a new WIFI board module. They can usually be found on Amazon and Ebay, I'll put a link below to Amazon.

How to Replace Your XBOX Series S WIFI Module  Video
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