How To Replace Your XBOX Series S Fan Unit

If your XBOX Series S console is getting hot and shutting down, then there are 2 potential issues.

1. Your heatsink, fan and motherboard have got clogged up with dust and crap.

2. Your internal fan unit has got jammed, bearings have seized up or has stopped working.

In this video, we'll get inside the console, and replace the fan unit.

While you've got the console open, take a clean brush or vacuum, and give the inside of the console, the motherboard, the heatsink, a complete clean.

Make sure you remove dust from every single component, as dust will insulate the heat and cause the motherboard to overheat.

But pay particular attention to the heatsink and the fan.

Check the blades of the fan. Try manually spinning it. is it getting stuck?

If your XBOX Series S is shutting down within seconds of turning on, then chances are your fan has actually become faulty.

If this is the case, you will need to replace it with a new fan unit. I've put a link below to fan's you should be able to buy on Amazon, and a tool kit, as you will need Security Torx's T8 and T10 drivers.

How to Replace Your XBOX Series S Fan Unit Video
XBOX Series S Complete Tool Kit
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