How To Locate & Replace Your XBOX Series S
SSD Storage

Hard drive problems and software glitches have been a common theme for the XBOX console family, ever since the original XBOX One release.

The XBOX One range used classic 2.5" SATA hard drives, as seen in computers and laptops all over the globe to this day.

However, a need breed of storage device is being rolled out in modern devices, and the XBOX Series S and Series X are no exception.

Your XBOX Series S has a Solid State Storage Device, with a small form factor M.2 SSD.

If you want to simply add to your storage, you could use an external hard drive / SSD plugged in to USB, or you can use an SSD plugged in to the new Storage Expansion Slot at the rear of the console.

The console will then automatically recognise and configure the new card, and away you go.

However, if your XBOX Series S or Series X internal storage device is faulty, you've got a problem.

This video will show you how to locate your internal storage device, so that you can remove and replace if necessary.

Don't forget, if you replace with another M.2 SSD, then  you will need to reinstall your XBOX Software via Microsoft's OSU1 file, in the same way that we have to with the XBOX One consoles.

See How to install the OSU1 file here.

How to Replace Your XBOX Series S Storage SSD Video
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