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The aim of this website is to show you exactly how we repair PS4s, XBOX Ones, and we'll take a look at the other main console brands including some legacy consoles, PS3s & XBOX 360s and the like. The site is ever- evolving and we're adding content all the time.

Most consoles can be repaired with hardly any cost to yourself, & if you have to buy any repair parts, we've got you covered there too. We'll reveal the secrets of the trade, show you step by step how to repair, and give you a running commentary. If you aim to set yourselves up as Mister or Missus Console Repair for your local community, hopefully we can help you there too. 

The main point of the site is to SAVE YOU MONEY during these strange times of the Covid-19 pandemic, so you don't have to fork out hard earned cash and give it all to the repair man on the High Street - if they still exist..

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