PS4 (Original) Blu Ray Mechanical Problems

How To Repair Your PS4 Disc Drive (Blu Ray Drive)

Difficulty Level - Medium

If your PS4 has disc reading problems, the first place to start your troubleshooting is with the disc drive mechanics.

Most PS4 Blu Ray Drive mechanical problems can be repaired without having to spend a dime (as long as you have some basic tools). Worst case scenario is you may have to replace mechanical parts, or more likely, the laser unit.

We'll start with the mechanical problems you may encounter, and show you how to fix them. Failing that, you need to move on to our PS4 Laser Replacement Guide.


All tools and parts needed are listed below, with links to Amazon.

Estimated repair time  30 mins

Estimated cost              £0 ($0)

Tools Needed

1. Console Repair Screwdriver Kit

2. Cleaning Brush

3. WD40 Cleaning Fluid

Blu Ray Mech Symptoms

- PS4 Not playing games

- Noisy Blu Ray Drive

- PS4 Game stuck inside

- PS4 Game won't go into the drive slot

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
PS4 Cleaning Brush
Console Cleaning Fluid

Put simply, PS4 Blu Ray Disc Drive problems stop you from playing your lovely games.

The blu ray drive consists of mechanical parts, and a laser mechanism. 

They are fairly delicately balanced, and any slight issue inside the drive can cause problems for your console. Normally this would result in you having to contact Sony, or mean taking it to a High Street repair centre for a repair.

We'll talk you through the most likely faults and fixes, saving you between £50-£75 for a repair. The worst case scenario will mean buying a replacement laser, and I've provided links to lasers, and other tools you will need for the job.

It is important that you check your mechanics FIRST. There is no need to buy a laser, if you then find out afterwards that the laser is ok, but you had a mechanical obstruction. So check the mechanics first. 

If you have checked the mechanics and all looks good, and the disc still isn't reading properly, the its time to replace the laser. See our Blu Ray Laser Replacement page.

The good news is, its quite easy to strip down. The bad news is, there are sometimes complications.

Mechanical issues 


Mechanical problems are extremely common. Often, if you've got kids, they'll treat the disc drive like a toaster, and will shove food into it, coins, and surprisingly often, we fish out a credit card. Also, its easy to put more than one disc in at a time, and any of these foreign objects will upset the mechanics and occasionally break the plastic parts inside.

If there is a mechanical fault, often you will not be able to get the disc to insert into the drive, or a disc gets stuck inside.

Eject button not working 

This is normally a simple one to fix. If you can eject the console with your controller, but not with the button, it could be that the eject switch has got dust covering the contacts. you can have this fixed in minutes. This short video can be found on the Eject Button Not Working page. If you can't  eject with the button or your controller, there is most likely a mechanical issue. Watch the video below.

Drive circuit board fuses blown

If the Blu ray drive is completely dead, you've looked at the mechanics and have replaced the laser and the drive is still dead, then you may have blown the drive board fuses.


This is a tricky one to fix, and is not recommended for the amateur repairist, mainly because it involves some fine soldering skills.

This can occur if someone has previously attempted to repair the blu ray drive, without due care and attention.

PS4 Blu Ray Drive Mechanical Problems
Clean Your PS4 Drive Rollers!

Step By Step

You will need screwdrivers for this repair, and if your blu ray drive is dirty, cleaning fluid and a cleaning brush may be needed.

1. Turn the console to the back, and locate the 3 seals on the bottom half of the black cover.

2. Remove the 3 seals with a flat driver, covering the 3 torx T8 screws, from the back of the console.


Remove 3 screws across the bottom (or 1 in the middle with newer original models) 

3. Remove the bottom cover by pulling away from the chassis at the left hand edge, and the right hand edge. pull down to remove, and put aside.

4. Remove the screws from the Power Supply (PSU). 3 torx T8 screws, and 2 cross head screws.

5. Remove the PSU by pulling up from the right hand side, and rock back and forth until it pops out of position.

6. Pull up, but be aware the PSU is still connected underneath, on the left hand side.

7. Locate the PSU connector cable, and pull the plug out of the motherboard, by pulling it upwards.

8. Now remove the 2 Blu Ray connectors. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS IN THE RIGHT ORDER:

Firstly, locate the flat connector on the right. Press the connector clip down on top of the blu ray drive, and pull out the connector.


9. Then locate the other end of the connector on the motherboard, press the clip, and pull the other end out. DO THIS CAREFULLY.


10. Now, pull the plug out of the board on the left.

(NOTE  - If this isn't done correctly, it is possible to blow the fuses on the blu ray circuit board. if this happens, you could end up with a dead blu ray drive. it is possible to repair the fuses on the board, but its very tricky for the amateur repairist. See our Blu Ray videos to see how.)

11. Remove the torx T8 screw from the bluetooth connector, which is holding the drive down in the top left hand corner.

12. Remove the other Torx T8 screws around the blu ray drive, not forgetting the screw which is hidden underneath the black wire of the drive plug.

13. Remove the little cross head screw along the top edge of the drive.

14. Pull the drive out of its position, and set aside the console chassis until later.

15. Turn the drive over, so that you have the mechanics on top.

16. Remove the 3 small cross head screws. Pull the drive cover off, to reveal the inner workings of the drive.

17. See the video for an explanation of the possible mechanical faults you may encounter, but in brief, look out for -

The Roller Mechanism

Make sure that the roller mechanism springs back up and down properly. 

Ensure that the little white 'rolling pin' in in situ, between the 2 grey rollers, and is held in place properly.

This rolling pin gets dislodged easily, and can be a very common cause of drive problems. If it is out of place, it normally gets stuck inside the drive, and results in a faulty drive.

Clean the rollers!

This is the number one issue that I see with PS4 drives. If the disc struggles to get in and out of the drive, and keeps getting stuck, it is because the rollers are dirty.

Here's what to do: Remove both grey rollers, by pulling them out of their holders. Then clean them down with your Colklene spray and some kitchen towel, thoroughly. Put them back into place, making sure your white rolling pin is in place.

This should have now solved your problem.

Check for debris and blockages

Also, check for coins, bits of cardboard or other debris that kids very often shove inside the drive. This is probably the number 2 cause of mechanical faults that we see. Very often, you remove the obstruction, and your drive will be fixed.

Check the spring

Look underneath the roller mechanism. If the mechanics do not spring up and down properly, find the spring, and put it back in place, if necessary. See video for the location of the spring.

Mechanics top cover damage

Check the mechanical cover for potential problems. You are looking for parts that don't move smoothly, cogs out of position, and damage from the console being dropped. Also, take a look at the cover sideways on. Does it look straight?

Sometimes, if the console has been bashed or dropped, this mechanical cover can be bent, or warped.

If so, you need to straighten it out. If it isn't flat, then when you test the console, you may hear the disc spin, but it will be making a loud whirring noise, or sometimes it can stop the laser from reading the disc altogether.


Putting the drive and console back together:

1. Put the mechanical cover back onto the blu ray drive chassis, making sure the front right hand corner of the metal plate, fits UNDERNEATH the little black plastic lip in the bottom right hand corner of the drive chassis. (see video)

2. Put the 3 little cross head screws back in.

3. Put the drive back into the chassis.

4. Insert the drive plug back into the motherboard.

5. Put the flat drive connector back into its motherboard slot, then put the other end back into its slot on top of the drive.

6. Put the torx T8 screws back in to the bluetooth antenna in the top left hand corner of the drive, and the other drive screws back into place.

7. Put the power supply into place, making sure the power supply plug is back into its socket on the board. Then put the screws back into the PSU.

8. Put the black cover back on, screws back in place, and test the console.


Equivalent High Street Repair Price:  £50 / $65