PS4 Slim Disc Drive Mechanical Problems

Blu Ray Mech Symptoms

- PS4 Slim disc stuck inside

- PS4 Slim noisy disc drive

- PS4 Slim not playing games

- PS4 Slim not Ejecting

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
Coldklene Cleaning Fluid

Your PS4 disc drive consists of a laser unit, and drive mechanics.

The mechanics are responsible for sliding your disc in and out, and also spinning the disc, so that the laser can read the game.


If your game is slow to go in and out of the drive, or is stuck inside altogether, the good news is you should be able to repair this in 20 minutes, without having to spend a single penny. 

It can sometimes require an educated guess as to which aspect of the drive you need to start your troubleshooting on; is it the laser, or is it the mechanics?

My advice is this -


The PS4 slim disc drive is difficult to get out, and is not recommended. But luckily, we can get at the laser and mechanics without having to remove the drive.

The laser can be changed by getting in to the BOTTOM of the drive, and the mechanics can be accessed from the TOP of the drive.

It is EASIER to get into the top of the drive, so I recommend checking your mechanics first, and then if all looks in working order, but you still have disc reading issues, you need to get underneath the drive to clean / change the laser.

The solution is to open up your disc drive to take a look at what exactly is happening. So start with the mechanics, see the video below.

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