PS4 Slim Blu Ray Laser Replacement

If your PS4 Slim console won't play your games, chances are your disc drive is faulty.

Blu ray laser problems are one of the most common faults we see. Check out the symptoms below, see our video on how to repair it, and check out the tools you may need.

Estimated repair time  45 mins

Estimated cost              £20 ($30)

Faulty Drive Symptoms

- PS4 Not playing games

- PS4 Disc Not Spinning

-  Game freezes

- Error code when disc starts up

- Game stops playing during play

- Disc Stuck inside

- Disc Sticks or makes a noise

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
 Cleaning Fluid
PS4 Single Laser
PS4 Twin Laser

When Sony designed the PS4 Slim disc drive, I suspect they weren't thinking too much about us console repairists.

The good news is, getting inside the console is easy. But if you want to take the disc drive out entirely, you've pretty much got to strip the whole console down and get the motherboard out.

Fear not though. If you are troubleshooting your PS4 slim disc drive, you don't have to remove the complete drive.

You can get at the underside of the drive and the top side of the drive to cover all disc drive repair jobs

If your disc drive jammed, or is making a noise, I would first take a look at the mechanics. See my Disc Drive Mechanics Troubleshooting Video page first

This involves taking the top part of the shell off first.


Check to see if there are any blockages inside the drive

Make sure the mechanics are working properly

Clean your laser, clean you rollers, and make sure the white 'rolling pin' is in place.


If you have to replace the laser, then you need to take the bottom part of the console off to get at the laser.

If you need to do this, I would replace the complete PS4 Slim Laser Deck if I were you, and I'll provide links to it above.

The video below shows you how to replace the laser.

Video 2 - PS4 Slim Laser Replacement