How To Replace Your PS5 Fan Unit

From time to time the fan unit inside PS5 consoles can pack up and die.


The bearings sometimes seize up, or an electrical problem can cause it to stop spinning, meaning your PS5 console is going to get hot and shutdown, normally within seconds.

Usually, you will be able to hear that the console sounds quieter than normal, as the fan won't be making the usual hum as it spins round.

If you suspect this is the case with your console, its time to think about replacing the fan unit. Here's how to do it.

How to Replace Your PS5 Fan Unit Video
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PS5 Internal Fan Unit

Replacing your PS5 fan unit is easy, and it can be done within minutes. You can get a new PS5 fan unit from Amazon, link above.

Steps to Follow:

1. Position your PS5 console with the disc drive nearest to you, in the bottom right corner.

2. Hold the top left hand corner (diagonally opposite the disc drive), and pull up. get a feel for how hard you need to pull first, and then increase the grip. See my video on safely opening your PS5 console without breaking the lid.

3. Pull up, and push to the right at the same time. the lid will eventually come away from the console.

4. Take a flat head driver, and remove the fan grille bezel, lifting first from one end, and then from the other. Remove.

5. Now remove the 4 Security Torx T8 screws that hold down the fan. Set aside.

6. Now pull up the black plastic plug cover strip, that is above the fan. it is stuck down with glue - lift it up.

7. Pull the fan plug out of its socket, gently.

8. Now you can pull the complete fan unit out of the console chassis.

At this point, inspect it, clean if you intend on putting it back in, or replace with your new fan.

Give the inside of the console a clean out while you've got it open, paying particular attention to the heatsink inside 

Follow the above in reverse!