PS5 Overheating Repair

If your PS5 has started to get hot and shut down, then this is the repair for you.

Other symptoms of your PS5 console getting too hot, include the console starting to sound like a hairdryer during game play, getting louder and louder, until you're starting to turn up the volume on your TV to cover up the noise.

Your PS5 most likely will have gathered a whole load of dust inside, especially up against the heatsink - which is responsible for keeping the Graphics Chip and other hardware cool. This causes the fan to increase in speed as the console attempts to combat the heat inside, and in turn creates a whole load of noise.

It's time to get inside the machine and give the heatsink a good clean, and this will solve your overheating problem.

Check out the vid below.

How to Fix Your PS5 Overheating Problems Video
PS5 Tool Kit
PS5 Cleaning Brush
Console Cleaning Fluid

You will need some basic tools, a flat head driver, a cross head driver, and a Security Torx T8.


A compete tool kit is available above from Amazon. 

You will also need a cleaning brush - a clean paint brush will do, and / or a vacuum cleaner.

Let's go!

1. You'll need to get the lid off first. Position the console with the Blu Ray drive closest to you. in the bottom right hand corner, and "attack" the console from the top left hand corner.

2. Pull the corner up, gently at first, and get a feel for the pressure required to lift it.


I've made a video on how to get the cover off if you feel like it's gonna break - watch it here -

3. Pull up with force, and at the same time push to the right, and the lid will come off. Discard for now.

4. With a flat head screwdriver, pull up the fan chassis bezel grille, and then remove it.

5. Use a security torx T8 driver to remove the screws around the fan. These screws are different sizes - my advice is to put them aside and keep note of them as "fan screws", taking note of their locations. Remove the fan cover.

6. Now you want to pull up the black strip of plastic that houses the fan connector, just above the fan, it is held down with some sticky glue (sophisticated, right?)

7. Gently pull up the fan connector plug (the first one).

8. You can now remove the complete fan unit from its housing. Get a brush or vacuum cleaner, clean the fan unit


and then set aside, with your fan screws.

9. Now, for the most important bit. you need to get your vacuum or brush INSIDE the console housing, into the hole vacated by the fan unit.

10. Get the brush / cleaner right inside. If you lift the console up, you will see the metal heatsink inside. This has to be clean, and free from any gunge, dust or crap.

Once you've done that, you can put the console back together again! Follow the steps above in reverse, and happy gaming (until the next time..)