XBOX One X Blu Ray Laser Replacement

Faulty Laser Symptoms

- XBOX One X Not Playing Games

- XBOX One X Games Not Installing

- XBOX One X Games Freezing

- XBOX One X Disc Reading Problems

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Fluid
XBOX One X Laser

XBOX One X consoles suffer from the same disc reading problems that all the previous models used to. 

In fact the blu ray laser and drive mechanics are identical to the other models. The only difference is the outer drive casing is slightly different, but for repair purposes, the XBOX One X laser, deck and working mechanics are exactly the same, and are interchangeable.

This makes things nice n' easy for us repairists!

As with the other XBOX One models, your XBOX One X troubleshooting steps should start with diagnosing the problem.

Is the problem mechanical or laser related? Either way, the console will need opening up, and the disc drive will need to be taken apart to check. It's not rocket science, if you've got half an hour to spare, you could have your console back up and running.

My advice is to start with the mechanics first.

1. Open the console up, take a look at the drive and check for obstructions.

2. Check the mechanics. Do they move properly back and forth? Any debris, or sticking points? Anything missing?

3. Check the laser. Does it move freely on its spindle? 

4. Give the laser a clean with your Coldklene Spray, or if in the US, WD40 is fine.

5. Clean the roller. This is the black roller which you'll find just inside the drive, where the disc goes in. Clean it properly.

6. TEST. If you still have a faulty drive, or the games aren't reading, then you are going to have to replace the laser.

See the video below.

XBOX One X Laser Replacement

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