PS4 (Original) Hard Drive Removal

You probably already know how to remove your PS4 hard drive, but here's how for those who don't know.

If you are replacing or upgrading your hard drive, then this is the first step in that process. We have instructions on how to go about this below, and further troubleshooting methods are explained.

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
SanDisk USB Stick
500GB Hard Drive
1TB Hard Drive

This is the easiest step of any repair that you are likely to do.

It isn't actually a repair, but if you have a faulty hard drive, then you may have to remove and replace it. 

If you think you've got a faulty hard drive, sometimes it's worth removing your hard drive and putting it back in place. In some circumstances this can rectify simple issues, as sometimes the hard drive can be out of alignment with the connector pins. Its worth a go. 

This simple tutorial shows you where the drive is, and if you need to replace the hard drive completely, or have hard drive issues, see my PS4 Hard Drive Problems page. 



Underneath the video below, I've attached another video, showing you how to quickly troubleshoot your hard drive.

Take a look at it, and then visit my PS4 Hard Drive Problems page for more info.

If you think need to replace your hard drive, check out the simple troubleshooting steps first on that page, as you may find you can repair it without having to replace it.

If you have a different version of the PS4 ie Slim or Pro, see the other models on the PS4 Console Checker page

PS4 Hard Drive Removal
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