XBOX One X - How to Remove & Replace Your Hard Drive

This video will show you how to get inside your XBOX One X console to remove the hard drive.

It's easier than you may think. Getting the shell back on afterwards is the hardest part, and I recommend watching the video I made showing you How To Get Your XBOX One X Shell On and Off at some point, and become familiar with it.

If you have established that your hard drive is faulty, or you want to upgrade to a larger hard drive, then this vid shows you how to get inside, remove your old drive, and put your new one in.

Don't forget however, that this is not the full story.

Your new hard drive will need to be pre-partitioned, and also have the Operating System put on to it.

You will then need to Update the console, with the latest OSU1 file.

I'm going to show you how to do this on the videos below.

If you are in the early stages of troubleshooting your hard drive, and suspect it maybe faulty, or you have software issues of any sort, then go to the XBOX One Software Troubleshooting page first. Follow the guide there, and if you conclude that the drive is faulty, you will need to come back to this page.

(Bear in mind the XBOX One software page talks about an XBOX One Original console, but the troubleshooting process is exactly the same.)

Tools Needed

Complete Tool Kit
32GB USB Stick
XBOX One X Hard Drive
How To Remove Your XBOX One X Hard Drive

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